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August 1st, 2014, 23:46
Hello All the Kind People!

I understand this post can attract severe critics. I have read all the faqs and I need directions since i have not clearly understood.
Reversing is not my field of work, it is equivalent to rocket science to me and i am good in my field of work.

I am dealing with the software which has flexlm 11.7, the software is linux based. And the license was generated successfully.
The license generation process was

1. lmcrypt_cdslmd which was patched by somebody and i simply used it.
2. This is snippet of the input feature list is as below :
FEATURE 100 cdslmd 1000.000 permanent uncounted 1DD45D6CBC067AEEAEBB \
3. lmcrypt_cdslmd gave the license file, from which i was suggested to comment out the USE SERVER line(i think this makes fixed license).
4. And finally patch all the binaries of the software by a patch something like this:-
./sfk rep -bylist cadence.pat -nowarn -yes -dir $1
5. Voila! it works. (I was talking about C@d_nce Incisive)

Now my problem is :-
1. I have another software (c@d_nce vip cat) which is based on same flexlm version 11.7
2. I want direction how to generate the license for this one since it is based on same flexlm version 11.7 i can re-use the same lmcrypt_cdslmd.
3. I am confused after reading so much of literature and neither of it i could relate to this way of patching.
4. How can i regenerate the feature list of other software and patch file of the binaries of the software?

This might be reversing of reversing but your directions(which literature should i read or how to proceed?) could help me out, I do not want to end up reading the materials endlessly to find out in the end nothing works as i precept the material.

Thank you,

August 8th, 2014, 22:56
[bump] Any help for a n00b?

August 9th, 2014, 18:18
From what I can tell you basically have only 2 problems.

1. You don't understand what the patch is actually 'patching' and ;
2. You don't know the features for the product you are trying to license.

Problem 1 ought to be fairly trivial, since you can diff the original file and the patched file and examine the changes.
Problem 2 requires you to do some basic debugging to work out the feature names & version numbers for the new product (lc_checkout remains easy to find even in the latest versions of FlexNet).

If someone was to help you with this it really falls into the category of 'spoon feeding' the answers to you.

So you have a choice, either tell us what you have tried to solve the 2 problems above or pay your money to one of the many crack sellers that frequent this board, or buy a license legitimately.