February 6th, 2014, 00:54
Hi guys,
I am trying to copy and emulate a HASP dongle, but i don't know which specific HASP version the dongle is (it doesn't say), but it's a couple of inches long, is blue and is labelled HASP. It seems the forum rules prohibit me stating what program it is used with, but i can say that it is not common or popular one and is no longer sold.

I originally found some info on copying and emulating the dongle on www.dongleservice.com, but after the 1 week trial it turns out they charge $400 USD... which is out of the question. Before i knew how much it would cost i ran their "HASP/Hardlock Emulator 2010 x32" program and it created a dump file called 4E6E18FB.dmp which is 737 bytes in size.

Since then i found your site and hoped i could copy and emulate the dongle using other (hopefully free) programs, but i am struggling a bit to understand what exact steps i need to follow to copy and emulate this specific dongle for use with this particular program. Currently i am running the program which uses the HASP in Windows XP SP3 (32 bit) in VMware.

I initially tried downloading and using the Dmp2rg HASP tools from this website (http://www.woodmann.com/crackz/Dongles.htm#tools) on the 737 byte dump file created by "HASP/Hardlock Emulator 2010 x32" from www.dongleservice.com, but it resulted in the following errors:
dmp2rg states: "Can't find encode/decode params!"
Dmp2rg v1.5 states "4E6E18FB.dmp has unknown file size."

Can i use the 737 byte dump file created by "HASP/Hardlock Emulator 2010 x32" or should i use a different utility? If i should get another dump using something else, which utility would you guys recomend for use on Windows XP SP3 (32 bit)? Once the dump file step is completed, do i just need an emulator to run it or are further steps needed? Sorry if i'm asking stupid questions... i am a HASP newbie but i hope you can at least see that i am trying.

I hope you can help. Thanks in advance.


February 6th, 2014, 09:45
the dump from HASP/Hardlock Emulator 2010 x32 ciphered. you need redump HASP/Hardlock Emulator 2010 x32 with any free hasp dumper.