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January 8th, 2014, 18:48
Hello to all and happy new year !

Normally, I should connect first a hardware to my pc and then I would be able to generate an Activation Request Number that can be send by email or automatically by the program. I will then receive the activation number that can be used offline to activate the software, to be used only with my hardware.

I would like some help to take me through the different steps I should take. I want to learn how to proceed and not get somebody to do it for me (the software is available online if necessary)

Well I've been reading many forums and tutorial (including this great one : http://thelegendofrandom.com/blog/archives/258).
I have to say I don't know what to do since after running my challenging program in Olly, I get quickly an error message "Olly is unable to step over the command at address 0000. Memory is not readable".

After reading, a tutotarial from the above website, I tried to find manually the different actions that are taken when it comes to activate the software (30 days trial).
I end up finding the following :


Search - Text strings referenced in xxxx
005AC2B8 MOV ECX,005AC31C UNICODE OLE control activation failed
00711095 MOV ECX,00711118 UNICODE Activation.fsa
0071116A MOV ECX,0071122C UNICODE Activation.fsa
0085A217 MOV EDX,0085A6D4 UNICODE ActivationRequestURL
0085A23A MOV EDX,0085A70C UNICODE ActivationRequestWithoutSensor
0085A25E MOV EDX,0085A758 UNICODE ActivationRequestSensorSerialNumber
0085A281 MOV EDX,0085A7AC UNICODE ActivationRequestDSPFirmwareVersion
0085A2A1 MOV EDX,0085A800 UNICODE ActivationRequestAVRFirmwareVersion
0085A2C1 MOV EDX,0085A854 UNICODE ActivationRequestSensorFullAppID
0085A2E1 MOV EDX,0085A8A4 UNICODE ActivationRequestSensorHardwareID
008A6316 ASCII LabelActivationF
008A6344 ASCII LabelActivationB
008B730F MOV EDX,008B8FB0 UNICODE Activation Request
008B7338 MOV EDX,008B8FB0 UNICODE Activation Request
008B7359 MOV EDX,008B8FB0 UNICODE Activation Request
008B7381 MOV EDX,008B8FB0 UNICODE Activation Request
008B73B0 MOV EDX,008B8FB0 UNICODE Activation Request
008B73D8 MOV EDX,008B8FB0 UNICODE Activation Request
008B7400 MOV EDX,008B8FB0 UNICODE Activation Request
008D20E0 ASCII TActivationForm
008D2102 ASCII TActivationForm
008D211C ASCII Activation
008D261A MOV EDX,008D2838 UNICODE GetActivationRequestWithoutSensorInstallationID
008D26FD MOV EDX,008D2960 UNICODE GetFeatureActivationRequestString
008D274A MOV EDX,008D29B0 UNICODE GetFeatureActivationRequestNumber
008D2A95 MOV EDX,008D2B00 UNICODE Flash\productActivation.swf
008D2D16 MOV EAX,008D2DBC UNICODE Activation - Not Activated - %d trial days left
008D2D45 MOV EAX,008D2E28 UNICODE Activation - Activated

The different options I imagine :
-extending the trial period to more than 30 days : 008D2D16 MOV EAX,008D2DBC UNICODE Activation - Not Activated - %d trial days left
- bypass the activation process
- create a key generator

Could you help me to move towards the right way

January 10th, 2014, 18:05
Hello again,

Could somebody eventually point me out the right way to start ?