View Full Version : Need to find seeds

October 6th, 2013, 19:35
I have two Flexlm managers the first is of 10.1.3 version the second is of 11.6 version, they work with the license files the same way. I used 10.1.3 version as there was a simple manual how to find seeds on the versions up to 11.4, then I installed olly and tried to follow the instructions. I found two references to 6F7330B8, then located(???) _l_n36_buff as can be seen in the first picture (0045A1C7), then I stepped into _l_n36_buff (ollyview2.jpg), found EB09, ran up to it but not "jumping", the I checked ECX and EDX, EDX was 0, and ECX pointed to something, I "followed to dump" from ECX but found just some (around 100) zero bytes. I was sure that can't be the "job area" and completing the next instructions confirmed it. Where was I wrong and how to do it correctly?

Sorry, the problem is solved, I had used the wrong exe file.