View Full Version : Confusion regarding numbers of Threads/Posts and RCE Knowledge Library

September 30th, 2013, 20:42
Hi everyone,

I am new to these forums and I am really curious about one thing. When I go to the forums URL (http://www.woodmann.com/forum/forum.php) the page shows a lot many number of threads/posts (for ex: The threads/posts column beside the "The Newbie Forum" shows "Threads: 2096 Posts: 15,550" but when I enter the forum the actual number of threads/posts is less than that. ("The Newbie Forum" shows 8 threads and has 3+9+1+2+1+9+5 = 30 replies and the forum doesn't have something like "Older threads" button). Can anyone tell me why this is so? Also whenever I click the "Collaborative RCE Knowledge Library" link, it appears to be broken. I tried opening in IE, Chrome, Firefox and Opera. I generally use Chrome with some ads/JS blocking addons like Ghostery. Could anyone tell me how can I view that URL.


- TheRookie

September 30th, 2013, 21:00

For the number of threads displayed/posts, scroll down the main page in any forum and you
can select multiple display options. You can sort them however you desire.

Checking the RCE knowledge link gets me a blank page. (firefox 17.0.1)
That needs to be fixed.

Thanks for the broken link tip.


September 30th, 2013, 21:05
Hey, thanks a lot for the very quick reply!

September 30th, 2013, 21:10

The Collaborative Libraries were "broken" after a server mysql version update. I fixed the Tool library because it seemed the most important, but never got around to repairing the Knowledge or Infosec Libraries. Long story, complicated fix, but I should get around to doing them as well someday.

Second point, sure just look under the Thread Display Options at the bottom of each forum, in the Show threads from the... combobox. You can also set this permanently under your profile settings (Default Thread Age Cut Off).