View Full Version : Capability of ollydbg: storing commands steps and stacks.

September 11th, 2013, 22:48
I am using Ollydbg v1.1 and I'm wondering if there is any plugin where it is able to store all the command ran from the beginning of breakpoint to the end of running code into a logfile? My plan was to enter a wrong password on a dialogbox, and before i click ok, i would like to trace the functions it goes through and store into a logfile. and then I would enter a correct password and run the same procedure again and store in a log file and compare the opcode it has ran.

I noticed that the step trace but it seems like it has limited amount of back trace? or sometimes it just shows that it is tracing, and nothing happened or i get this dump message.
Dump 1:2809

Hope to get some assistant here.

September 11th, 2013, 23:50
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ollydbg back trace is unlimited storage if you log to a file right click in run trace window (the three dot icon (...) window) and log to file
(default rtrace.txt in debugee directory)

display also can be congigured (options ->debugging options->runtrace )