View Full Version : Lame protection cracking attempts, I need help.

March 18th, 2001, 07:52
I've got a dongle protected program that I copied from work and I'm trying to get it to work dongle-less at home, but as I'm only an electronic engineer the only thing I can do is look at the data between the dongle and PC and use a RISC chip to search for a command from the PC and give the right responses.
This is NOT working at all.
The dongle appears to NOT give standard responses to standard questions, but to perform some mathmatical operation on the the data sent from the PC then send it back.
I've tried to use the standard reverse engineering "giant karnough map" method but I'm either missing something or it's too complex for me to solve, However it may use standard responses that my crappy little logic analyser is missing (again), so if anyone could help me I'll e-mail them the program (a set of 2 individual programs with a common interface) for them to have a look at.
ANY help will be gladly appriciated, thankyou.

(I know some assembly from using RISC processors so I thought I could have a go at codemangling myself however Borg gives me the most ammount of decompiled code I have ever seen in my life and I don't reconise 99% of the resisters called so *lol* to that)

March 18th, 2001, 08:36
Or if anyone knows a program that would analyse the I/O on LPT1 and allow me to print it, that would be helpfull.
Thanks for anything.

March 19th, 2001, 11:08
Sven (03-18-2001 05:36):
Or if anyone knows a program that would analyse the I/O on LPT1 and allow me to print it, that would be helpfull.
Thanks for anything.



Search for PORTMON

or any other such util you may see fit. BTW, they work on APLHA and INTEL.

And are free (all of them!)

And golly! small too (none of them is above 200K mark!!)

And...fully GUI too (holy hell! those guys are good)

Have fun


March 19th, 2001, 15:02
Thanks aimless, its just what I needed to look at the port activity (although I would still like a GUI dongle analyser if anyone knows of such a thing).
It's also very nice to know that some people are able to reply to less experienced people without flaming them, this is the only forum that hasn't flamed me when I posted my problem.

March 19th, 2001, 17:59
Personally, I've never had much success when trying to hack a dongle off a program by doing it this way. The dongles are normally very secure and the data between the application program and dongle are normally heavily encrypted.

The week link is normally the application program following the usual case of "I want you to implement this protection in 5 minutes" approach from some kind of manager, and so it goes like this:

CALL Dongle_Check
JE NoDongle
// Continue execution