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February 1st, 2013, 00:28
I looked at all the forums and thought this would be the best place to post.

SpeedFan creates csv log files for the sensors.

I decided not to use Ex**l for opening the log files and use another program.

I changed the .csv file association to the new program, but the icon of the old one (Ex**l) still shows up in explorer for .csv files. Strange ??

I thought, well just change the icon in the old one. There are 168 icons of various sizes in it.

Any thoughts or comments ?


February 2nd, 2013, 22:11
Did you right click on the file and choose open with ?


February 2nd, 2013, 22:51
Yes, I check the box that says "always use selected program."

I just checked some other file extensions with several programs and they will open with the right program but the icons that show up in explorer are wrong ??

I don't know what is going on.


February 6th, 2013, 10:10
See "OPTION TWO" @ http://www.sevenforums.com/tutorials/57455-file-extension-icon-change-default-icon.html

February 7th, 2013, 23:11
Thanks FileTypesMan was just the ticket I needed. :-)


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