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November 12th, 2012, 16:56
Hi all,

and yet another stupid question
I have a code byte stream (from a dump) and I'm using Distorm to disassemble the code at a specific position of the stream.
My problem is how can I make sure that I'm not starting at the wrong position, meaning how can i check if my current position/byte
is not part of another opcode?

I start inside my buffer with the byte sequence E8 0C 3B CA 8B -> CALL 08C0C41C8 (wrong)
but if I start one byte earlier with 83 E8 0C 3B CA 8B I get the correct disassembled commands:

I try to search a code section for special calls and jmps but I get a lot of wrong results because of this problem. Even if I check
the call/jmp location if it's in a defined memory area it could be not valid one.
I searched the net up and down (perhaps with the wrong query ) but I can't find any information about this.
Does anyone here know how to handle this situation? Do I have to disassemble a little bit more code and check if CALLs/JMPs
point to meaningfull addresses but what is meaningfull then ?


November 13th, 2012, 02:50
There is no way no know where an opcode starts. Disassemblers start disassembling at entry point and at every address where some previously disassembled opcode jumps to, or at exported addresses in case of DLLs.
So if you are looking only for "special" calls, you have found yourself the right solution: check for meaningful addresses. Meaningful addresses are inside the image and required DLL ranges (taken from the PE header).

Best regards, bilbo