View Full Version : 999999 decimal -> 0x636363. Specific function or vendor specific I wonder

October 16th, 2012, 13:06
Ran across this function in a protocol layer, and just wondering if its something standard, or written by the vendor. It seems to do something standard'ish, that's why I'm wondering if its got a name, rather than its current name of 'sub_9840'.

Basically, you pass in a 32-bit integer like 999999, and it converts it to 6513507, which is 0x636363 in hex and of course 0x63 = 99.

So I know exactly what its doing, I'm just unsure why yet. I thought bcd at first (as I chucked in 10000 decimal and got 0x10000 hex), but not now.

It just doesn't smell vendor specific to me.