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August 10th, 2012, 15:46

I have a problem I'm unfortunately not continue. Maybe I can give a tip here is to do what I do.

This software is protected by the Protection "PC Guard 5.xx".

PCGuard is not the problem unzip I think mall, (I've also tried no clean dump)

As soon as it goes to the detection of the USB interfaces CodeVirtualizer is used. -----> Oreans UnVirtualizer

The OEP is 004A1F2F. ---> Simply BP hardware on it, dump run, import and fixed. Luckily everything is valid.

But unfortunately this is not possible, the dump is faulty.

(I've been sitting for 5 hours on it and so what I do is not the first x)

The VM is located here: 01A546EC

Can you help me further because what should I do next.

I do not know really .. more I'm at every tip trick very very grateful

I thank you in advance.

This software has a blacklist database (Serial Key), In the USB interface is a "firmware chip".
The serial is in the FW

The goal is that it all Keys (USB) is accepted in the software. (is that possible if so how.

Now you are wondering who can help me further as

many greetings

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August 11th, 2012, 14:47
But unfortunately this is not possible, the dump is faulty.

Post code and show us how you approached the upcoming problems. Else we can't help but file this as a crack request. Please read the FAQ.