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August 3rd, 2012, 10:25
Do you have any comments for pedram ("https://www.openrce.org/profile/view/pedram") and OpenRCE?

[Originally Posted by pedram]Hello all,

It's no secret that I've been unavailable to maintain OpenRCE in recent years. A large part of which is due to the fact that I sequestered myself in a coding cave to work on my latest endeavor, Jumpshot ("http://www.jumpshot.com/"), which I finally launched last week on Kickstarter. I'm still heavily focused on the start-up but now that it's seen the light of day I'm starting to resume some normalcy in my life and a subject that has been on my mind for some time is how to reinvigorate OpenRCE. The layout is antiquated, articles require too much effort to collect and publish, the downloads list is out of date, my vision for distributed RCE never took off... all in all, the site either needs to be retired or receive an overhaul.

A key factor I feel to the survival and longevity of OpenRCE will be to switch from focusing on content hosting to content aggregation. I've chatted briefly with Rolf Rolles the moderator behind the RE sub-reddit and Danny Quist the creator of Offensive Computing, perhaps a merger of resources would be a valuable community asset. Though it's unclear exactly how that would be structured.

From what I last saw (though it appears to be down, at least at the moment) the Woodmann Collaborate RCE Tools ("http://www.woodmann.com/collaborative/tools/") has done a great job documenting the vast library of available tools. That may no longer be a necessary resource for OpenRCE.

Most of you have probably heard of CrowdRE ("http://www.crowd.re/"), a collaborative reversing tool released at REcon ("http://recon.cx/2012/schedule/events/225.en.html")a month ago. Though the tool looks promising, there's been some publicly voiced hesitations in using a corporations private servers. Some clever folks have already released a compatible open source server called Cloud Nein ("http://github.com/anticloud/cloudnein"), it lacks the server-side fuzzy matching but perhaps people are interested in spinning up a server on OpenRCE? Another stab at distributed RCE :-)

TL;DR: I want to start a discussion and field comments to determine the fate of the site.




August 23rd, 2012, 07:45

Thanks for bringing this reflexion to our attention,

Imho doing another tool repo could be reinventing the wheel (note tha i'm not discussing who started it between OpenRCE and Woodmann).
Remember that anybody is more than welcome to contribute to the Tool Library.
In my opinion it's important to keep OpenRCE alive, even if it means redefining what you mean by opening.

Another important thing to my eyes is the job section on OpenRCE, quite a lot of people are posting there although Reddit is also used.