View Full Version : a question about dash-o

July 5th, 2012, 03:33
I'm wondering to use the Dash-O preemptive java obfuscator with a tool of mine, it seems a good one for different reasons. I did some tests and despite it doesn't completely obfuscate the java bytecode it anyway does a good job.

So the question is if there's some tutorials or unpackers, de-obfuscators.. I know that the string decryption system for past versions of the program has been (easily) solved, but it seems like the most recent version (6.10) uses a more complicated solution!

I also neither found a patched version of the protector itsefl ..

Unfortunately all the forums search systems get confused and instead of searching for "dash-o" search for just "dash", leading me to a lot of false results.. hehe

Anyway any link in this direction is welcome!!