View Full Version : Cracking explorer.exe in XP SP3 with OllyDbg

April 17th, 2012, 06:14
I am trying to crack explorer.exe in windows xp SP3. Why would someone do that? All I am trying to do is remap the "All Programs" list to the start button. I have found the location that handles the click event for the start button, so I have no problem changing that part, but I looked through the code for two hours and I can't find the click event for the all programs list. I've gotten to the point where I found a call that appears to be the right one, but there is so much pushed and calculated before it that when I move it to the start button click event, it doesn't work. Is there anyone with more skill that could help me do this? If it's too complicated to move the code from the all programs to the start button, I'd be happy if I could make it just call the all programs code properly so it shows both the start menu and the programs list at the same time without having to click both. I know it doesn't seem like something worth hacking, but I got so close to making it work and I don't want to just forget about it now.

I even attempted to use CheatEngine to to scan for -1 when the menu was open and 0 when closed, but I couldn't because it's designed so that when the mouse goes off the menu, it closes

I know this has to be a very simple crack for someone who has been cracking games for a while. I would really appreciate the help.