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February 24th, 2001, 16:51
hey guys.. *trying* to keygen this puppy! damn hard. does anyone want to help me? I am having trouble... and am lost. I could use any tips from you guys that have keygen'd armadillo or armadillo programs.

thanks in advance

February 25th, 2001, 15:17
AFAIK Armadillo uses Blowfish for validating serials, no wounder you have a hard time

I suggest you read up on blowfish, and then try to identify it in the code, the arguments to blowfish should be easy to find when its first identified. Good luck.


February 25th, 2001, 15:50
From codegen.dll:

mov eax, [esp+arg_8]
mov ecx, [esp+arg_C]
mov edx, [esp+arg_4]
push eax
mov eax, [esp+4+arg_0]
push ecx
push edx
push eax
call sub_10001130 ; Encrypt name + makedate data, and make serial format: X-X-X-X
add esp, 10h

It encrypts like this:

BlowfishEncryption(const byte *key_string, unsigned int keylength=KEYLENGTH)
: Blowfish(key_string, keylength, ENCRYPTION) {}

check makedate and the parameters passed to it, rename and comment the
sub_10001130 code, and it will start to make sense , i havent finished my keygen
for this yet, but i have a rough outline of it. I think this will be done soon.


February 26th, 2001, 20:53
hmm, well.. how can you get the key for armadillo? i dont belive that you can find it in the exe.. or memory... i belive you would have to bruteforce some how. any ideas????

February 27th, 2001, 16:57
so no one can help me?? i would greatly appreciate it if anyone can help me out with this blowfish encryption.. can't seem to find anything on the web about it

February 27th, 2001, 18:42
I think it would be useful for you to do some research on previous versions first. The v1.82/v1.83/v1.84 versions can be found around the web as can the key generator source code to v1.82/v1.83 & 1.84 (there was only a single alteration from v1.83 to v1.84).

As Cast has mentioned Silicon do use Blowfish, I can't honestly believe you couldn't turn up more on the web about it ;-) (maybe the source code will help).



February 27th, 2001, 20:03
Hey crackz! i have found the keygen source at your site. very helpful! however i do not see any tutorials/documentation on it! do you have links?

thanks all of you for your help