View Full Version : The piracy police are watching you.

July 7th, 2011, 17:23

I wonder why the internet providers would even consider this?
Once you restrict my access, you lose me as a customer.
I will just go wireless. Now you have to make everyones router
use WPA2 or other such shit by default to stop me.

What happens when people start bruting keys enmasse.

I can see this turning into a gigantic mess.


July 8th, 2011, 00:38
The first assumption, wrong always in cases like these, is that the general public asks: HOW CAN INTELLIGENT PEOPLE DO THIS?

The answer is: What makes you think this is being decided by INTELLIGENT PEOPLE?

As more and more means of revenue get saturated for companies, they are finding it difficult to justify their existence. Hence NEW ways of making money.

After all, all record and movie labels assume, WRONGLY AGAIN, that IF people cannot download illegally, they will BUY the products, hence increase revenue.

One wonders how long this is going to go on, before the WHOLE INTERNET erupts in defiance...

I see a LOT, and I mean a LOT of international ISP's coming up, offering encryption, which will enable you to bypass your regular ISP tracking what you do... and make money in the process.

What will happen. Let's wait and watch.

In these times, I can simply remember what F+ wrote on his searchlores site (in 2004, nonetheless): "Wait till you see what plans *they* have for the internet" when speaking in context of censorship.

Looks like the time finally begins when you will tell your grandchildren: You know, I used to download movies and music off the internet. And your grandchildren will stare at you open mouthed in awe....

Have Phun