View Full Version : Basic blocks and instructions statistics.

Piotr Bania Chronicles
June 23rd, 2011, 01:21
While doing some of my research I was often wondering how big the typical basic block is - how many instructions it typically includes. Since I was unable to find any reputable results in this area I have decided to make my own observations...

Following table presents statistics about number of instructions in typical basic block (including the average number of instructions per basic block and the maximum number of instructions found in a single basic block). This simple research was driven mostly by curiosity and some additional questions I have encountered while building my own software. All of the analysed files (over 1500) come from Microsoft and are a part of Microsoft Windows XP operating system.

TABLE: http://piotrbania.com/all/articles/bb_instr_stats.html ("http://piotrbania.com/all/articles/bb_instr_stats.html")https://blogger.googleusercontent.com/tracker/5498266518143777458-2051254468114574385?l=blog.piotrbania.com