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May 28th, 2011, 19:28
Hello All I've decided to go at this from the ground up(yep I am totally new)...And am not doing so well, but I am trying.

exercise 4: The medal search

Observations of the picture:
A poinsettia Wreath
The forward mirrored potion of a Submarine split by a star
Noted the name:183-2-01.jpg


I know nothing about this medal..Not even the flag.
So that is where I started.

I googled "flag with blue cross" on google images and came back with the assumption
that this flag is used by the russian navy. Added observation:"Russian Naval Medal" + 300 +wreath...(fails)

I don't know what the 300 means, but I am hazarding a guess it means 300 years..
Because 300 people doesn't make sense, and a 300 kill medal would be horrifying.

Another hazardous guess about the name of the picture and what information could be stored
therein..no clue about this yet...

Well I really sucked at this and didn't find it yet. Would anyone care to give me some
further observations and PLEASE DON'T GIVE ME the ANSWER,and try to use understandable examples of how you found that bit of knowledge..

Thanks to anyone who helps.

May 28th, 2011, 22:23

Did you use quotations marks when searching google for the image?


I found it. I did not read the +f page other then to know it was a searching challenge from long ago.

You will have to follow what you found searching the image name,
then think about how to get more info from the place that has the image.

There are no "magic" ways. Take your time and read carefully.

You will find the image and a description of what it means.

May 29th, 2011, 00:33
I want everything about the medal.. not just the picture.. I also can google the answers.. o0 but again that's not how I want to locate it again..Tin-eye might work..or the wayback thing... But I want to find a successful way of making the picture come somewhere to the top..which is very hard to do...
183-0201 .ru flag ( only 1 result o0) ..magic? I think so...

May 29th, 2011, 19:26
Once you discover the name of it, you can trace the history of it.
It's actually quite impressive.

As for making it come to the top.......
It is at the top.


May 30th, 2011, 13:19
So I tried to do as you said and my results are 'odd' to say the least..

I webcrawled the name of the picture and found it was listed in a WWWRoot of image indexs used by a website called RussianIsland.com which apparently sells trinkets for entertainment value. I tried getting a digital catalog in hopes I could verify that the image name is the same image.. But I had no luck with that..It seems the further I refine my search the closer I come to having only 1 answer...Figuratively speaking from the results of google, yahoo, webcrawler so forth..I still can't find the picture. I still have other questions to answer about it that may lead to the manufacturer and how it was made and what materials where used and when was the biggest 'sales' spike in its history.. But I am still stuck without reading this damn answer I keep finding..

It tests me over and over.. to brake the rules.

ps: I also found that this was a challenge that was at one time posted to the other places and news groups..
So this leads me to believe there has to be more then 1 submitted answer somewhere in the world for my viewing pleasure... Those answers would not be wrong to look at, but would offer me another persons view and starting point..

May 30th, 2011, 20:27

You are stuck in old habits. Something we all do when we cant find what we are looking for.We naturally revert to those old habits.
I hate to say it BUT, free your mind ..........

There is a way to discover all you need about your target without ever leaving the place that had it.


May 30th, 2011, 22:29
I sat down and tried just that 2 times... and this is the second try clearing my mind.

I tried medal then pin then trinket then badge.. After picking up that small bit from the most common occurrence of this term..

Russian naval military 300 badge

2 non exact images of the medal show up close to the top..


Sadly I put myself through image elimination before I got this..
1 example search was this..in google images.
soviet +navy +300 years +pin -suede +submarine -command -warfare -planes -marine -stripe +flag -rock -crest -nazi -nanny -tunic -US

May 31st, 2011, 13:50
So I tried your tips...For finding the target on the place I found it. But after I applied the knowledge I had gained, to find something I was preparing to look for. Evap vacuum sensor is its name, I didn't know the name before this juncture.. So I thought there has to be ways to find things without names of them..You know, by digging through the details that can be gleaned from looking at something..So I had a 3 phase strategy to find the skills necessary to do just that. 1. By finding something that I could look for that gave me the name of it, but not use the name and try to just use the details of it to find where it originated..2. Use every idea I could think of to locate it. 3. Test myself.


So now I am off to Test the way you described to see if I can accomplish that way as well.. I still haven't read the answer if this is what you are implying..

I don't like it when anyone especially you.. :[

May 31st, 2011, 21:24
The was for using a movie cliche .

You put in your post the only details I needed.

Since you described your target, I was fairly sure it wasnt a pron pic.

Once I saw the image, I went back to google to check the other results.

I will tell you no more.

I would venture a guess and say that you are expecting google to give you everything.
Sometimes that wont happen. You have to dig for clues. Spiders dont always index every bit of info they see. They decide what is important to itself.


And stop using google images. That spider indexes images ignoring quotation marks so your gonna get every image that starts with 183 then fill the rest with variations of the image name.

And what if certain pages are excluded by robots.txt?