View Full Version : Debugging/Reading Memory from PPC App (Carbon) invoked by LaunchCFMApp

March 16th, 2011, 08:57
Im unable to debug an old Carbon App on intel osx. I followed the developer hints from apple with this updated description: http://www.extinguishedscholar.com/wpglob/?p=319

However, as far i read you cannot really debug carbon apps with gdb at all, its not useful. This isnt so bad for my needs, because i simply need to read the a value from the memory of the app launched by LaunchCFMApp. However LaunchCFMApp seems to be like a virtual machine, and i dont know how i can access the memory of the launched application.

With IDA Pro i gathered the location of the value i want to read:

seg001:00E79B58 sessionKey: .space 4 # DATA XREF: ....
seg001:00466864 sessionKeyPtr: .long sessionKey # DATA XREF: ....

and then it is used in a function

lwz %r7, sessionKeyPtr # sessionKey

Even if i could somehow dump the memory of the LaunchCFMApp process (dont know how) - how would i know where to find this value?

Additionally, anyone know if LaunchCFMApp was needed in earlier versions of mac os? or could these PEF ( preferred executable format ) binaries be executed directly without the launch VM - that way i would maybe be able to debug it?