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March 2nd, 2011, 13:18
...as above from below.. :P

I see now as of point 1..I was doing it 'all' 'wrong on purpose' and didn't want others to have what I wrote or thought..Time is for change, and I need a dragon to just write down my varying thoughts..o0(maybe?)

What are 'your' interests ? for instance how much voltage runs through the 'ground' normally?

The Code I 'find right' is the one from the knights of old..something from a 'brightblade of steel' o0

March 2nd, 2011, 20:48

I see a lot of Eval speak in your words.
I dont know if they are hidden for a reason.

If you are still struggling with "faith", stop.
Faith cannot be defined for any one person.

Some have faith in religion, others with the earth.
Some others are guided by the stars and moon.

Some, are guided by themselves. Comfortable knowing
that they themselves have the confidence to move
through life and not need any other persons opinion.

To me,faith and belief are contrary words.
Faith is blind belief.
Belief is the faith in knowing what you are thinking
is true.


March 2nd, 2011, 22:33
It was not 'hidden then'.. it was 'directed'..In hopes I could speak to eval(functionxcode). But the answers you write do always provoke further thoughts..I question not my 'faith' any more..I want to see what I can 'now' do with it... I hope we may unravel that a Clue to Help start from 'below'..There was wanderlust 'their'.. :]


Some, are guided by themselves. Comfortable knowing
that they themselves have the confidence to move
through life and not need any other persons opinion.

While others are cooks, and 'want' to hear how it tastes.

What did you seek when you first learned ?

also 'Comfortable knowing' might have been..the faults of some

March 13th, 2011, 19:21
I'm starting more and more to believe that BanMe's posts are encoded Al Qaeda communication or something like that...

Can't we all just start following the rules about English being the official board language here? This is starting to get tiresome, in a spam-like fashion...

March 14th, 2011, 23:49
I understand what you say and will most certainly comply..But I do not appreciate my biographical riddles being compared to communications from a radical group with roots from a respected religion..to quote bin laden "We love death. The U.S. loves life. That is the big difference between us."....unlike them I have respect for women and children, religions and many other things..I love life and I respect death..But I am only what I have made myself to be..A dream wrapped in a riddle smashed 12 times and reconstructed with duct tape, trying to make up for past transgressions...

regards BanMe

March 15th, 2011, 08:45
BanMe, I was in no way trying to actually compare you to some terrorist group, or imply that you in any way shared their ideals or goals.

Rather, it was a joke alluding to the fact that your posts have been so messed up lately that they might as well constitute "other information" just being "encoded" in semi-English sentences.

The most commonly appearing rumors/discussions about such things are usually that Al Qaeda uses information encoded into images and posts (steganography) on different otherwise unrelated internet sites and forums to communicate between their members, and thus the joke.

So, no offense intended, please just change your "encoding scheme" back to normal non-eval English.

March 15th, 2011, 11:05
I failed English numerous times in my youth, and am not the best at deciphering joke from reality...But I will try not to encode information anymore.. :] Also something has happened to me that I will not bother to try to explain..you have to 'believe it' to see it...I've scared just about everyone around me.. o0

So I will start with my riddle from below..(the bottom)..

The Knights in the books I've read had what was called the measure..Which constituted how one not only perceives the world and the 'gods' in it, but how one was to act under almost every circumstance; be that in combat, in love, in life, and especially the interactions with others of higher 'rank' or of disability..

Then the world turned its back on those 'gods', forgetting the teachings and making no distinctions between right or wrong, good or evil. The price paid for that folly was not in money but in the very essence to which makes us all 'seekers of ourselves and something greater then ourselves'.(i.e. we had grown without seeing the path we where walking down, believing we where the ones with all the 'right' answers..) Yet some still maintained the 'old' ways while adapting to the new environs to which they had been placed..Then came a time of tribulation, a time to which endangered us all..It was either band together and fight as 1 or die as many..

I choose to fight as 1..in my own 'broken' fashion...

Ill skip over my ideas for generating electricity ..(covertly questioning 'your' intelligence and study that on my own, though mr. tesla would've been a fun topic...)

As of 'Point 1 in the evaluation' essay's "WRITE SHIT DOWN, HAVE A PLAN,SET GOALS"..I was moving ahead with none of this.. :/

..Dragon naturally speaking is a software for writing down your thought without typing..

And now my reply to the one who sought Me..

I asked what was he 'thinking' when he met me in a convoluted riddle :/...

what did you think when you 'saw': Some wish to hear how it tastes?..

I will skip the 'comfortable knowing part' because he knows some of my inner thoughts which does scare me..in some respects..But has been more opening then I could've dreamed..

I hope I have solidified some of what I speak here..

tis A 'very' fucking strange world!!!!o0...over and out o0..lol