View Full Version : ARTeam: GameShield complete analysis by Nieylana and SSlEvIN

February 24th, 2011, 17:41
Hi all,
for those of you which are following our twitter channel it shouldn't be a complete news. We lately did some reversing on GameShield, a relatively unknown protection. It survived almost unprotected so far, partially due to its limited diffusion. So no better opportunity for our Nieylana and SSlEvIN to run wild on a new protection schema.

The result is now under our tutorials pages: two very nice tutorials explaining the early secrets of this new schema.

-SSlEvIN concentrated on the MUP process of some early targets, but his tutorial is just the beginning of others to come.
-Nieylana on the other hand concentrated on the crypto schema of licenses and on the extraction of the protection dll which is buried inside the protected targets. This dll is really the protection core and alone deserves a deeper analysis.

The sources for tools located in Nieylana's tutorial may be released at a later date

Catch them all at these two links: