View Full Version : Rijndael S-Box? AES... Maybe even XOR? -- Examples

February 21st, 2011, 12:10
Hey guys, I have been working on this for a while now and though it couldn't hurt to post and see what you thought. I would say I'm a little on the obsessed side right now haha

Old Borland c++ app that encrypts a txt file. I have been inside and out of this code I see everything that is happening I guess experience is failing me here. I have patched the encrypter exe to bypass for now but I'm not happy with that as an answer :/

I think its Rijndael S-Box, couple peid crypt plugins have shown the locations of the tables

Test Encryptions (Seems like no matter what is entered its padded to 16bytes)
a =

no characters (empty file) =

this text is greater than sixteen characters =

strings I have found in the exe and dll files that do the encryption/decryption
ku3V%4Z5ud8Fcbm! (this one shows up in olly at the method call, looks like it gets broken)


a1c3e5g7i9k0m2o4q6s8u0w1y2789876 (I am seeing this one only in encrypting exe's hmm)

found some new strings in a diff exe

Found another exe which exposes a lot more info

From what I can tell this is RijndaelDecrypt from Crypto++
The key passed is a1c3e5g7i9k0m2o4q6s8u0w1y2789876

also looks like on encrypt "enc" is added and decrypt "dec" is added to something

I have a lot more to go off now...