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January 27th, 2011, 22:31
So I was recently hired to work as a customer service representive IN a collection agency..( don't pity me..)But life isn't all that I could have made of it..).I hated the job as I learned some horrible things about the psychology of some people..I refuse to categorize by color or race,but I will sometimes by religion(cause some of them are funny(for example I called 1 dude on a saturday and he said 'after me reading this is recorded', quote its my sabbath mon..Im smoking weed..*PUFF* &cough& *puff* Bye..click..)...So I will do it by tone...interesting things with sound have been thought of..and probably done. But I have not the brain to understand it without getting closer..(odd?I know..)so its all BS from here...

To really get you interested I want to save you money..
I offer You a settlement its 20 % off that's a chunk if you owe me alot of money.[edited]. ____ ____ |__| ____ ____

/ ___\_/ __ \| |/ ___\/ _ \

/ /_/ > ___/|

\ \__( <_> )

\___ / \___ >__|\___ >____/

/ \/ \/
'hazard man(tv')?,and moving "4 Words" opposite of regressive..(please DON'T solve here.. PM ME!!!!!!!!) some others will be include in this but w.e. a few to start..

so 80 my minimum is 50 but I test you to see how dumb you are and how much you think you can get out of this for and I hit you with 70..most give here.. sadly..then I tack the conv cost which usually tots 80 anyways.owned.next.

January 27th, 2011, 22:57
a1 cb r0 0p 80% min 75..shit outta luck unless its 'old' then 50..they hurt the national credit agencies..also to any legal buffs out there what is the requirements for working under 'unfit conditions' because I have a few questions .. the movie stores that closed?

maybe more about insurance companies..?

mutual liberty is not the case..so much ridiculous c

January 28th, 2011, 22:43
You have 420 posts.

Can you translate what you have written into Eval speak?


January 28th, 2011, 23:38
no, sadly I cant.

but I will just give answers away I was speaking of geico, all state, farmers,progress, liberty mutal,labcorp,quest diagnostics and the letters you recieve offering settlements..

This company I worked for in the portsmouth is number 1 in nation for collections, they mail all of united states...they collect millions in deliquent services and are owned by Enterprise assocaites llc.

in shorter terms these 'letters' offering 80 % of the balance is a play on the debtor.because the amount is already written off and in collections.But the 'CSR' wants the most money to get 'bonus'..so..if 'someone' is in collections for any of these companies..I can give you solid advice to getting the situation resolved..the valid docs you need, what you rights are..so on so forth..

420..I got a prescription. Supposedly I went to irag and have ptsd and that person lives in maine . 120 for the medical grade shit..so legal.

January 28th, 2011, 23:50
No. Cross translation degrades quality. Read between the lines:

[Originally Posted by BanMe;89278]...20 % off that's 80 percent...

I'd say that's almost pure ethanol. This translates into something.

January 28th, 2011, 23:55
well when your bill is 350

10 = 35.. or 315 ..thats my first offer if your story has any holes..
20 = 280 ooo savings of almost 100 dollars for service already rendered.
30 = 255..most give here and hand over credit card...

I have down to 175.. sorry for over explaining the terms. wbe..

Also note the vast majority of people I spk with where not ivy league grads...math skills and rational thinking was not common.

January 29th, 2011, 00:10
[Originally Posted by BanMe;89291]... sorry for over explaining the terms. wbe..

No prob. and thanks for the clarification.

That reminded me the times I used to make contract bargainings.

January 29th, 2011, 03:32
Any collection agencies you would recommend? And when I say recommend, I'm not looking for anyone with a Better Business Bureau rating above 'F', if you know what I mean

I have some difficult debts that need collecting

January 29th, 2011, 22:13
I'm getting a better understanding of how the "system" works now .


January 30th, 2011, 10:23
The system is what "we" supposedly made it.

The people in the system bring they're own aspects to it.

Ie This lady calls in. I answer.hello...my name is . May i please have phonenumber to access your acct. Response "Why are you sending me bills".

I don't know ..did you read it.

No....*letter opening sound* it says I owe 850 to at&t....wtf..

Ok does the letter have a filenumber so I can access your acct..

But itried to return the equipment..

Look without verifying who I am talking to, and getting a phone or file number, I can't even talk to you.

File number

1 moment please. .is this mrsx.


Ok it' shows here this is all for equipment.

Life story about divorce and random shit..

#angered at this point#
Look you can return this shit for free any ups store.

But I'm not gonna. Btw she was late50s

Why if you don't collections will continue pursuent to the full price.

Are you gonna come pick them up..

Hell no..you rented them. You have to send them back..

Will you send me a box with postage, so I can send them back.it costs me13 dollars to take taxi can you deduct frm my bill.

No...but you can call ups and they can pick it up.

Nope not gonna do that either.


So at this point this was a lost cause..but then I tried to settle..

I'll. Take 675 now you'll never hear from at&t again. ..

Ok...do you accept discover card..

no,Visa master american express..cha ching.

This call happened roughly on my 3rd day training..This taught me how truly ignorant some people are, and that some people dont care about the money..its the principle of the matter that can be skewed.

January 30th, 2011, 19:29
Holy crap .


February 27th, 2011, 20:45
So in states that require insurance.. ie it is mandatory in 49 of states in the "USA",
And in 'some' states they can and will tow your vehicle if it doesn't have insurance.
So you have x ins company that covers you for 2 yrs (you pay it all) then you decide to switch companies to y .. So at the time your insurance 'declarations page' is handed to you from y, x owes you pay back for time not covered under them..now in the fine print the opposite is quite lucrative.. so you have x and it cancels and 3 months later you sign up for y, if you live in those states x is required to extend the coverage for those months you where driving and 'not paying' and according to what you 'click agreed to' you owe this money.. now if in the example where x owes you money,but if y doesn't send info to x then will try to collect and you will have to send them the declaration page to prevent legal harassment.

February 27th, 2011, 20:57
Interesting stuff.

I thought canceled meant "from this moment on you have no coverage".


February 28th, 2011, 20:18
And now you know different..:d
This one isn't easy,because I 'felt' it was 'wrong'..and I found the 'way out pretty easy'...'per section 802.6 or some such of the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act..now this comes from 'mind' not from 'word' so...To validly dispute a debt, a letter of dispute must be received within 30~40 days after the receipt of the first notice, if this 'dispute' is not received then the debt is considered valid.. o0. This dispute is then forwarded to the 'client' for review of 'supporting documentation' for 'your statements'..

So with that..Movie Gallery, Hollywood video closed down..I don't know if they 'bought' the 'database of clients' or what..But 'anyone who rented a movie when they where closing and where going to the stores to buy movie the 'the after business plan' received a letter' and notified them of 'credit reporting within a months time..no notice from 'creditor', no 'word or sense' when they bought movies games popcorn(hmm?).. So these people called in 'angry'..screaming,crying, and 'I' had to collect..I could manage it easy for about 5 days then the 'stories' started to coagulate...and I refused to collect instead I 'advised' them per 'script' of the above..and I could 'bang them out' to all even those that wanted to pay.. So then we got a update to client documentation isn't being forwarded to client..(more..juice..)..and this wasn't small 'matters' of 9.95 late fee's.. it was 15 movies games and such with late fee's all that all could be cut down to '20%'(the 'lure' to the collector and the debtor was obvious..). 'note it as bankrupt or deceased'.. and move on.. hahhahahaha..