View Full Version : [ARTeam] ActiveMark "dismembered" by SSlEviN

November 26th, 2010, 16:25
Hi all,
guess what, we again targeted activemark new version and this time we are releasing an updated tool for inlining the protection beside of course a tutorial which explains the technique.


This is help tool for easy generation of binary strings used for inline patching of ActiveMark game protector. There are three possibilities depending on ActiveMark version and ActiveMark options used.

OLD INLINE: This one is used in AM v6.3.xxx. It uses USER32.SetTimer, and was already covered by AM Inline Patch Generator coded by our teammate Nieylana (credits). Slightly improved.

SET TIMER INLINE: This one is used in AM v6.6x.xxx, where call for initial browser screen is totally different, and also you can't just NOP the SetTimer call, so another approach is due.

CREATE THREAD INLINE: This one is also used in AM v6.6x.xxx. Does not utilize Set Timer for checking trial time. It rather creates a thread which checks trial time every 60 seconds.

All three approaches are explained in the tutorial you can find in ARTeam's Tutorials section.

You can grab them all from here:

tutorial: http://www.accessroot.com/arteam/site/download.php?view.324
tool: http://www.accessroot.com/arteam/site/download.php?view.325

thanks to SSlEviN for his great work. Beside this is the first tool he coded on his own! Veery nice beginning