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September 18th, 2010, 23:36
Pure BS from the BSA.

"Reducing software piracy by 10 percentage points in four years would inject more than $142 billion into the global economy, create nearly 500,000 new jobs and generate close to $32 billion in new tax revenues for governments, according to a new study from the Business Software Alliance (BSA)"


If you're interested in this tripe it's worth d/l the full report

The Economic Benefits of Reducing Software Piracy

According to the report, since 2003, six countries have lowered their piracy rates by 10 percentage points or more, most notably Russia and China. The apparently very creative BSA statisticians calculated that Russia added roughly 9,000 jobs and China added 220,000 in that period as a direct result of lower software piracy.

Here's an interesting little statistic. The 2009 piracy rate was 67% for Russia, 79% for China. Indonesia, Vietnam and Ukraine all came in around 85%. The US (20%) and Japan (21%) had the lowest rates.

The BSA admits the job and revenue estimates are actually based on the economic gains from a ten percent *increase* in proprietary software spending, not as a direct correlation to reducing piracy. The inevitable counterpoints expose the BS in BSA. As one commenter put it, this is a case of the classic "every copy pirated is a lost sale" fallacy...

BSA's Latest Study on Piracy and Economic Benefits "Shockingly Misleading"


September 19th, 2010, 01:07

long ago i build this puzzle, so just before posting read yours..
what a coincidence!!