View Full Version : Hasp4 memo1 Service 60,Service 61

February 1st, 2001, 07:04
ASK has recommend to not use the old seed code
Somebody already seen a soft protect with 60,61
service ?
I only found one for the moment


February 1st, 2001, 09:00
have a look at the envelope that uses hasp4

February 1st, 2001, 18:35
Actually there are 2 issues here.

1. HaspCode() old version (shipped with HASP 3) was broken several years back by examining an old HASP driver and the enveloping application itself, AKS's envelope protection then was totally compromised.

2. New HASP 4 has a 'new' (dare I even flatter to call it that) HaspCode(), same old parameters, different returns NOT compatible with HASP 3 known algorithm. New HASP 4 envelope relies much more heavily on services 0x3C/3D which do block encryption / decryption.

I have about 5 HASP 4 envelope targets now (including 2 that I can 'research' with), the details of what I have know so far are not for consumption on a public message board.



February 1st, 2001, 19:28
last week I remove some enveloped from an CAD App, the protect part was the main DLL (VB6 DLL ) of course i had the dongle HASP4 M1 and was dead easyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.
only need FrogICE (some old meltice tricks)
and ''I suppose' some other tricks with debug register (of course SI APP crash every time that i set BPM bpx) i fire ICeDump and do tracex until IP is in the .text section and dump it (for some weird reason ID & Bhrama crash every time that i try to dump) so I use the old jmp eip trick to freeze app and use procdump.
Restore the entry point.

And now the funny part
After the dump the import table is some screwup (but without use function redirection tricks)
so i try to use a BPR to import range but BPR never trigger, hmm maybe some register tricks,
after 1hour I fire hiew to look enveloped dll, godddddddddddddddd the import table is waiting here like a virgin so i cut & paste it to me rebuild dll.

end of history
pd: IceDump /tracex rulezzzzzzzz without it I had to dig thru layers of weird encryptions and
of course SI crashes