View Full Version : Target use Flexlm 6.0

January 28th, 2001, 18:14
I just find this on my target
using lmvkey5 1.0, I check and verify the vendor codes, although i've the real seed (verify) at the point:
They are the same up, but genlic32 no give me a valid license, I intented to use lmcrypt but i get error on the link.

I don't know if my target use Crypt Filter. My target has all protection code inside and no make anything call outside.
Someone have a idea.

January 29th, 2001, 17:22
find lc_set_attr , bpx on it (or trace it calls using Ida) - then you'll see what attrs it set - maybe custom hostid, or crypt filter ?

February 16th, 2001, 05:38
I had lots of troubles with that also.
You must try using the last "working" licensing scheme.
Get LmRecode, from Nolan Bender, at __CrackZ site
Get FlexLM SDK 7.0d (d not greater)

As you have the seeds, generate new version 7 keys
Make LmCrypt
Try now, if they dont use any other scrambling it should work.
LmCrypt license.dat -verfmt 6

If you don't know where to find the files, look at my post under TOT