View Full Version : Can patch a DLL... strange

January 27th, 2001, 08:36
Hi there!

I'm working on TinaPro Student V5.5 eval

I can start the software with Softice.

The control is made in a external DLL called CKI3203.DLL. So by jum fix I can start the software.

Maybe when I would patch the DLL, all work in the DLL, maybe when the software come back in the principal exe (TINA.EXE) there is invalid section...

Any idea????

in the folder is a file called CRYP95xx for information


January 27th, 2001, 15:40
It would appear you have a Crypkey protected app on your hands. Specifically Crypkey's packer (I think it's called Casper or something like that). There are a few good tutorials on TSehp's site that should point you in the right direction for fixing your problem