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January 26th, 2001, 10:00
Hmm, I've got 2 targets protected with FLEXlm 7.0c and 7.2a (!).

They're already patched other ways (in one case patching lc_checkout to return 0 was enough. Fools...), but It made me think a little about new versions of FLEXlm...

Trying to use FLIRT signatures generated with FLEXlm 7.0a libs gave me nothing...

So, here are question for our FLEXlm experts:
- are there many significant changes(improvements) between v6.1 and v7.0 ?
- --"--- between v7.0 / v7.2 ?
- anyboody there got SDK v7.2 ?


January 26th, 2001, 13:32
IŽve flexlm 7.2a SDK. IŽll send you, to be patient.

January 26th, 2001, 17:20
FlexLM v7.1 and above use digital signatures made with elliptic curve cryptography. Globetrotter used the Certicom SDK, so unless they messed up the implementation... you're not touching it. However, if your target uses 7.1 or greater, but keeps the old style license, you can still make licenses for those programs.
I haven't run into any targets using 7.1 or 7.2, so I haven't had a chance to look if anything is different as far as finding seeds/keys goes. If you find anything new, please let us know

January 27th, 2001, 06:39
They finally learned a bit about cryptography ?

I wonder why they don't use well known private/public key crypto algorithms from the start...