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December 20th, 2009, 04:51
I am new to reverse engine and its cryptography algorithms.Some of the expert say if we have to reverse the cryptography password,we have to use a few light years to do that???

If the password is cryptography in a program.How can I find the password.If a program take few minutes convert the password,will I need to take a few "Light" years to complete...

Any Idea...



December 20th, 2009, 05:07
If you had bothered to read the FAQ on your way in, you would be aware that we expect users here to do their own basic homework. Otherwise you just appear too lazy to do your own work.

How about YOU put something, such as:

cryptography algorithms

cracking cryptography algorithms

in YOUR favorite search engine and YOU do some of your own basic research! Then come back with questions that show you have done something to try to help yourself!

What you will find, is alot of information that explains that cryptography algorithms can range from very simple to incredibly complex. Some can be fairly easily solved, some would take a super computer some long period of time to solve. So it depends and there is now "one size fits all" answer. No go do your homework.


December 21st, 2009, 15:26
And while you're at it, Google "light year" (it's a measure of distance, not time)...

December 21st, 2009, 15:49
Well, Solo did make the Kessel Run in less than twelve parsecs

December 21st, 2009, 16:40
Yes he did, but HE had a millenium falcon. Warlock doesn't.