View Full Version : SnowLeopard VMWare Protection

October 6th, 2009, 06:23
Hi dudes,

currently i try to collect information about the protection which resides in the current Apple Mac OSX - Snowleopard ( and also in former releases, like Leopard ). The protection especially prevent that you can install an ISO of the OS inside a VM from VMWare. I know that you need an EFI emulation, so this is not the problem.

Before i dig deeper i want to ask whether somebody know if this protection is located in the bootloader of the installation image or directly located in the kernel.

Usually i would say this protection is partly located in the both. They would be dumb if they implement it in the kernel and publish the source code afterwards.

Any ideas.

Maybe somebody has a clue, before i start to dissect the bootloader of the iso image.


PS: Now i know that part of the protection must be in the kernel, because after kernel update a previously running image is not running anymore. So the question now is, is something of the protection is contained in the bootloader code of the iso...