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July 22nd, 2009, 20:38

omg I so wish I was there

My First 'coding' or 'scripting' or w/e was a runtime DHTML WYSIWYG editor, capable of modifying remote sites as well as it self..but this takes that idea to whole new level. if anyone gets any papers or anything at blackhat about this I would be highly interested in it and eternally grateful for any information provided

regards BanMe

July 24th, 2009, 09:42
The article says they won't release anything though...

Another good design for a secure and fully decentralized/distributed anonymizing darknet (also non-implemented though) was presented last year at DEFCON too:


(the whitepaper and presentation links on that page give a very good deeper description/overview)

"OneSwarm" is a darknet that is already implemented (and also under heavy development forward), which I think stands a really good chance of being "the shit" for public file-sharing when BitTorrent will gradually be attacked and "defeated" on the public file sharing arena:


Unlike the ones described above, it's security is based on social trust graphs, which both has its advantages (being extremely hard to compromise if used correctly) and disadvantages (necessitating users to make the connections themselves in some way, making a bigger initial hurdle to get going and create a strong and efficiently interconnected network, especially for people without "good connections" on a personal level).