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July 5th, 2009, 01:50

that is the site, it has a array of support for various systems and architectures, and also include sources to tools and much more..

here is a quote from there page that I think sums up the tool in a nutshell


Microsoft Invisible Computing consists of compact middleware for constructing embedded web services applications and a small component based Real-Time Operating System with TCP/IP networking to make middleware run straight on the metal on several embedded processors.

I know this is a old thing (2001) but the code and tools offered in it are rather unique debugsyn being one of them. it is a debug synthesizer and here is the abstract from the read me


DebugSyn let you use "standard" Win32 debuggers to code from custom loaders,
JITrs, or custom binary formats.

also here are the details about it as well also from the readme


DebugSyn consists of two components:

1) DEBUGSYN.DLL - The "Loader" DLL. This DLL contains functions to notify an
attached debugger of DLL load and unload events and to
synthesize new debugging symbols. DEBUGSYN.DLL passes load
and unload events to DEBUGLOD.DLL through specially formatted
debug string messages (through the OutputDebugString API).

2) DEBUGLOD.DLL - The "Debugger" DLL. This DLL is loaded into the debugger's
address space. It hooks the Win32 WaitForDebugEvent API to
convert special formated debug strings from DEBUGSYN.DLL into
standard Win32 DLL load and unload debugging events.

This seems like a really interesting and useful project, I know I will be reading and taking in as much as I can on it for quite a while


regards BanMe