View Full Version : MFC reversing

December 28th, 2000, 11:20
Hello I am trying to crack InstantID (www.instantid.com) but it is very confusing. It is written in MFC and when i break on an API I cannot seem to trace back into the apps code. Does there exists a tute for this MFC crap?



December 28th, 2000, 14:57
you have an mfc section here, just try the search engine.
mfc's are pre-compiled c++ classes, encapsulating a lot of win32 api's,
you should use ida to decompile the target, then try to find some docs of the several functions that will be recognised by ida.

December 30th, 2000, 08:04
As tsehp said ida is quite good for mfc, and if you get the plugins for ida, that display sdr (www.suddendischarge.com) its just like windasm

if u break on getwindowtexta, press f12 until u return to the programs calling code... it shouldnt take long.


January 1st, 2001, 14:32
A strategy I found useful is to use the stack window in Softice. For example type in command line WS 6. Then keep pressing F12 and you will notice the changes in the stack window. Keep pressing and eventually you will see the return address of you call. Now you can double click on it and bring it up in disassembly window. Go there and set breakpoint. Re run program to break on it.