View Full Version : My last question about RCE CD

December 18th, 2000, 17:03

will someone be nice enough to upload it to a ftp (i give the access) ?
Mail me plz : dya-blo@gmx.net

See U.

December 18th, 2000, 17:40
Please can someone post an image file to one of the cd images newsgroups, and then we can all benefit Don't mind which format - iso or bin/cue

December 18th, 2000, 21:39
/me shakes his head in disbelief...

I guess you can't please everyone.......

Look guys....the title itself is self-explanatory.

It is an RCE *CD*...not RCE download file.....if you really want the headaches associated with the ftp site to return, send me a blank CD & return postage....when you get your copy you can upload it wherever you like. But, when people are giving you their time and knowledge for free....don't bitch about the format.

(sorry....had a VERY bad day) ;-)

January 10th, 2001, 11:33
I had an idea some time ago reading about this topic, but then i forgot to post it
i haven't checked the threads, so i hope thi is not a dupe... in case forgive me.
if somebody doesn't want to give his home address, i think it would be simple to use a P.O. Box for just a few money you can go to a post office and get one.
In advance if you don't want to leave any trace of where you live you can ask to a friend living in another town/state/galaxy to open the po box in his town and mail to you the packet.

hope this will help.