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February 25th, 2009, 01:37
Since half a year freezes my computer on my job again and again sometimes (1 to 5 times a day), that is - it goes to 100% utilization.
Initially I had the presumption that this is caused by drivers could be.
But did the freeze of the computer only when it is connected to the network.

I already have with one of the admins phoned and he said this could be due to my desktop is so full and so on ....
I do not think so, for me everything looks after a DoS attak.
Since I had the problem since one of our admins something on my computer has installed - it is not advisable so openly about my presumption to speak, there are perhaps one of the admins behind it.

Why would someone do something?

Possibly because it is in our company currently is running badly - and each body is threatened. And of course, the first layoffs the employees take the most slowest are ..

My next steps are is the "Documentation", because otherwise everything as slander may be.
First, I will expand the hard drive and make a 1:1 copy of it.
Next, I will analyze the contents - especially where and what version of Activity Monitor is installed.
The next step will be to see if I can find the log file , which created Activity Monitor (if it is local stored).
However, this should be encrypted - according to manufacturer information on its website.
Everything after this is coming a little harder.
I thought about a "client interfaces emulator to write, which before the client sits.
It logs all the commands which are sended to the client and then send it to the real client (monitor client activity).

If on the activity Monitor console mode a DoS attack is done, I should this notice.

The real reason why I write here:
At first i have no knowlede about Dos attak.
The Last time that i used a disassemler was in the time of Win95K /WinNT.
My running system at work is winXP.

For me is interesting what would be your advice?
In which direction would you go....

For all Advice on this subject I would be grateful to you.

Sorry for my bad english .

February 25th, 2009, 19:40

You need to approach this in a more logical manner.

First look at what processes are running and note which ones are eating up all your resources.


February 25th, 2009, 20:27
When I was in the army, I had this really outdated crappy computer at work that just can't stop freezing and the CPU always remained on 100%. I also first thought it might be a threat but after isolating the problem with monitoring tools, I realized it was just because of the automatic updates on Windows and simply turning it off fixed the problem completely. So yeah, like Woodmann said, it might just not be a threat so try to figure out which process is responsible for the cause using various monitoring tools and use process of elimination until you find the right one.