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December 6th, 2008, 04:38
Hi there!
This is my first post on this forum... I hope to get help I need ...
I have to change an .app file (got from .sis)... I opened it with ida, found the point I need the change but...I need to rewrite an url in it with a longer url...but I can't do it... I'm not so good in this, is there a way to get it working?
Sorry for my bad explanation... fell free to ask me more to get the point... I need absolutely help

Thanks in advance...
have a great day

P.S. This is what I mean:

I have this:

LDR R1, =aHttps****
where aHttps**** unicode 0, <https://123.456.789>,0

I need to get this:

LDR R1, =aHttps****
where aHttps**** unicode 0, <https://12345.789.12/12345678.123>,0

Probably this is silly question for you, but I can't do this and I need it ...

December 7th, 2008, 04:27
[Originally Posted by veronica82;78088]Probably this is silly question for you, but I can't do this and I need it ...

It's not that it's a silly question, the problem is that you are dealing with a specialized software system used in cell phones, etc. Normally, if you need more space in an application for Windows, you could find a way to create the space. In a cell phone environment, there is no access to the software that would be required to overcome creating that space without reprogramming the chip that holds the program. That would be a major undertaking that even an experienced reverser would find difficult, if not impossible. I would imagine the cell phone provider would have built in protection to make sure you did not tamper with the file.

Your question is not the type normally studied here. There are probably internet sites dealing with that. You seem to be looking for a one-step hack whereas this site is about learning reverse engineering in general, not in hacking or cracking for the sake of it. If you learned the basics here, by reading the FAQ, you would understand your problem better.

December 8th, 2008, 12:41
Sorry if this isn't the right place for my question... I'm trying to reverse for joke and I encountered this problem... it's not hake for cracking, the app is free, I only wanted to customize it for me... anyway I'll be looking this post for any help you'll want to give to me...
excuse me for my bad english...
have a great day