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November 20th, 2008, 23:03
EDIT: grrr, the answer is a few posts below mine so nvm / delete if you have privs...

Hey all, I've got this program (MS outlook 2007 so maybe this post should go in malware) and very long story short... (btw, i'm doing all this to prevent the close button from closing it)

After clicking the close "X" for outlook, I am presented with a dialog that gives me two options, "close program," or "cancel and don't close."

I want to never see this dialog again, and so I guess I want to nop the call to the setup window call and modify a conditional jump. It sounds so easy but I can't find the api for the dialog thing. I'm pretty sure (95%) that it's not done with the CreateWindow function as I originally assumed cause I breakpointed on both variations and only caught the two buttons being made and the msg text being made. Maybe I've overlooked something here though, I'm pretty new / rusty.

-What kind of call should I be looking for that creates this dialog window with the buttons with in it? And how can I figure out what .dll / .exe to use reshacker on for dialogs? (not that reshacker applies to this case exactly, just been on my mind for a while)

~After I get this jazz figured out I think I will end up doing a PostMessage minimizeto tray in place of the call to "set up the dialog thing" and also figure out where the check for "display warning msg?" is done and patch that to always (that's apart of the long story that I didn't quite tell, but if you're curious here's a link that explains my efforts)

thx for any pointers you might have