View Full Version : Vxworks/Zlib compression

November 12th, 2008, 23:58
Hi all, Im not sure if this is exactly a newbie question, but didnt seem too advanced either. Working an embedded system, vxworks. Has what seems to be common vxworks firmware, a single file with a few CISF images, and a zlib compressed image with the actual code.

Ive disassembled and analyzed the code and I am working towards uploading custom firmware, but when trying to recompress the code with pythons zlib and such and rebuilt the firmware Im not having any luck getting it uploaded. Ive seen from a few searchers here and other places that windrivers version of zlib isn't exactly standard but I cannot seem to find any details about it other than others trying to solve the same problem.

Any advice or pointers to information would be greatly appreciated.