View Full Version : Information needed about reading out an old hardlock

November 6th, 2008, 05:43
Hi there!

As requested, I already have searched this forum for suitable answers, yet none really matches my problem.
So here´s mine:

I have a couple of grey-coloured so called "E-Y-E Hardlock" from Aladdin (not an USB dongle, rather a serial dongle).
They are required by a software we bought ages ago.

Now, I am trying to find out which Hardlock fits certain versions of this software. I think, I have to read-out the content of these Hardlocks in order to do so.
I already have downloaded several softwares which should help me with this,
but I am somewhat stuck.
These programs are: HL-Dump v 2.1 and "safedump".

I also have tried to find out which MODAD fits the dongles, but I cannot check whether they work, as I can not find any files in my registry, where e.g. HL-Dump shoul dump its information.

Can anyone give me further advice or even a short explanation of what I have to do to get a result?

Thanks !

November 7th, 2008, 14:42
Hello, I just finished a target with a new (USB) key from aladdin. Not sure if this will help, as it was for a HASP dongle.

My steps:
-find the cmp bh,32
-read out the passwords (it's the value the program uses to access the key)
-use haspedit with passwords to read dongle data.

(If you would like I could take a look at target and give you better instructions, if the HASP way doesn't work)