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October 2nd, 2008, 14:31
I have a few problems of my own with HASP HL.

I have a program that uses HASP HL as security. In this programs folder there is another one with the name redist which contains: haspdinst.exe (version 5.20) and direct .BAT commands (Force remove, INFO, INSTALL and UNINSTALL). I use the INSTALL.bat to install, it says OK and then when I press INFO it says:

HASP HL Installed drivers:

aksclass.sys 0.0
akshasp.sys 0.0
aksusb.sys 0.0
akscoinst.dll 1.11
hardlock.sys 3.40

HASP HL ALLADIN Installer packages:

aksclass.sys 1.13
akshasp.sys 4.11
aksusb.sys 3.11
akscoinst.dll 1.11
hardlock.sys 3.40

In other words it doesn`t install all of itself. I tryed using another 5.20 version downloaded from the internet with an win32 interface and the result is the same....
When I try to run the program it says: "Error 7: HASP HL Key Not Found"

I know that my questions are very noobish but please be patient and try to help me..... i really need to run this program. Thanks in advance!
Oh and by the way some Emulator recomandations for HASP HL 5.20.