View Full Version : Is it asp-protected ??

spekkel !
December 1st, 2000, 06:21
Working on a proggy ultra win-cleaner 2000 form www.blcorp.com. I think it is asp-protected but i am not sure..i have earlier seen this protection with cdclone.. but in both cases i failed to unpack cause i couldn,t find the real entry-point....I tried with several unpack progs (rad caspr etc.) and manually but all failed. So anyone who knows how to deal with this please help. Thanks in advance...... SpeKKeL!...

December 1st, 2000, 19:46
like the other thread on this topic : be patient, I'm finishing a tool that will fix (or only the hard part) this protection.
To learn more, use the searching engines on the mb and on the site, you'll learn a lot.


December 2nd, 2000, 04:44
thanks for your reply, I'll be patience.........( but hurry) (he,he just kidding)

December 3rd, 2000, 11:48
The tool public release will be delayed... I actually managed to unprotect commview 2.3 with it, and very easily but it actually lacks a tracing feature to make it very hard to beat. Otherwise, if I spread it now it could be defeated too easily by our well known asprotect creator.

While waiting, you can read the precedent essays concerning asprotect, learn about the pe-file structure and attempt to rebuild a dumped file manually, write when you're at this point and I'll help further.



December 16th, 2000, 04:54
HAve had a look at this - it is protected with ASProtect!