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September 8th, 2008, 17:36
Greets everyone,

I am trying to disassemble a game save file for educational purposes
This is my first time doing anything like that, thus please excuse my noobness.

The most logical step for what it seemed was to make several different saves and then minor changes, which is what i did. But my lack of knowledge in this field doesn't let me go any further.

I've changed a same value from 5.01 to 5.02.... 5.04 from save to save, and made a comparison with HexCmp2. Obviously those values aren't stored in plain text, and i'm having difficulty seeing them in the hex. Maybe someone could point me out to them please ?

Here're the results from hexcmp, it's quite small table.
(I've had difficulty pasting ascii table without it getting messed up, so i pasted it instead at rafb.net(nopaste site))
http://rafb.net/p/O2Ry4r28.html ("http://rafb.net/p/O2Ry4r28.html")
thank you in advance !


September 8th, 2008, 19:20
looks like it's been figured out. god bless irc