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August 7th, 2008, 08:04
Hi to all of you guys, I am new here...
Peace greetings from Bali... to this board.
Actually I'd like to post a number puzzle. Is there any of you can help me finding the relationships/patterns of a table?
(The table consist of 100 rows and 20 columns, contains of numbers 0-9).
I hope you guys here can help me, and may this thread fits on this board.

Best regards,
Steven Wu
Bali - Indonesia

August 7th, 2008, 15:28

Perhaps..., we like puzzles. What is this about? Why don't you post it so people can see it.

August 7th, 2008, 16:33
he's a botting child, i think:


leads over 140 results.

August 7th, 2008, 17:00
The style of these spam posts is to include a link in the signature to some commercial site they are attempting to promote.

We have implimented something to prevent that from working.

Although, after looking at some of he's other posts in other Forums, he wants to attach a PDF file, but does not have permission to do so. Doesn't work here either.


August 7th, 2008, 17:24
hehe, nice modding indeed

August 8th, 2008, 00:49
Hi guys, nice to meet you all...
So I don't need to give any comments further, you know me better than myself

August 8th, 2008, 01:10
How are we supposed to guess the puzzle?

100 rows with 20 columns. Using only the numbers 1 through 9.
Without seeing what it looks like there is no possible way to understand this.

How about a link to where we can see it?

C'mon, help us out.


August 8th, 2008, 01:18
Hi Woodmann,
You can find it at : http://forums.unfiction.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=26263 (file name: puzle.pdf)

August 8th, 2008, 01:32
Excellent !!!

Holy oh crap !!!!

What kind of an answer are they looking for?
Without an end point this is futile.


Actually, I think this will take an incredible amount of time to solve.
I really believe this is a joke done by some twisted mathematician.

Me thinks some bizarre form of quantum sudoku.

August 8th, 2008, 07:15
+1 infection

August 8th, 2008, 09:30
If you see the file sept0940.xls at Da Vinci Puzzlesforum,, it is just a patterns decoding with sudoku logic. It shouldn't be that difficult if 'we' can crack the various patterns (though that is probably the difficult part). Then finding where the patterns begin and end, in order to be able to know in where rows the next numbers to be put correctly in tables. That's all...