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July 6th, 2008, 08:23
Hi guys, yesterday and today I've experienced some issues when posting stuff to the forum. Reading is fine, but whenever I put something to the database I get timeouts and failures.

Not sure if this is coincidence and it's a problem my end, but I only get the issue here and it only happens when posting, not when reading.


July 6th, 2008, 09:44
Thanks for the tip, we will look into it (I also removed your duplicate post in the CISTL thread, probably caused by this issue).

Has someone else noticed problems anywhere similar to this (I haven't, strangely enough)?

July 6th, 2008, 10:07
This is just a test to check if silver's problems are unique.

There seems to be a delay in the time from send to time to post, also, the board accused me of posting the same message 5 minutes ago.

July 6th, 2008, 11:43
Last time something similar happened there was a delay happening in part of the"chain" to the server, rather than with the server itself. What the heck do I know but I suspect that this was the issue again. Seems to be working fine at the moment from the West Coast of the U.S. and actually, I'm fairly close to the physical location of the physical server.

For me there are four jumps for a ping, with an average seek time of 27ms.


July 6th, 2008, 14:33
check check check.

It works very fast for me now.

July 7th, 2008, 11:33
Cheers guys.

dELTA, on a tracert do you go via cogentco.com?

JMI, the reason I'm not certain it's an issue with a hop between me and the server is that I have no problem reading from the DB, but issues with posting (I use the Quick Reply box, though doubt that makes any difference). I'll keep an eye on it anyway and see if I can define the problem a bit better.

21 hops from the external interface of my network to the server, highest ping currently 164ms!

July 7th, 2008, 12:04
Hi Silver:

Only four hops from the West Coast. The longest is 48ms.

The other three are only 28, 28, and 26 ms. That certainly suggests it is something in the "hops" which your ISP is taking to get here. I'm still not having any problems with posting or accessing the Threads or posts.


July 7th, 2008, 13:24
Does it still happen very often (always?) when you post Silver? About the tracert, my stupid mobile broadband setup seems to fuxor up an tracert attempt, and show the entire route as a single hop (I'm not at home this week, so I can check from any land line). I'm posting this from the quick reply box btw, without any problems.

July 8th, 2008, 10:09
It "always" happens whenever I post, although admittedly I don't post regularly so it could just be coincidence. Based on what JMI, dELTA and naides have said it's looking likely that it's a problem with my route to the server. It'll be difficult to determine more than that, I'll keep trying to tracert and see what that gives me (although by the time I've attempted to post, realised it's failed, opened a prompt and gone for the tracert the transient problem will have no doubt vanished)...

Generally my tracert does show a significant increase in latency when my route goes out into the continental US. I guess "teh intarweb" is "b0rken".

13 90 ms 97 ms 94 ms te4-1.ccr04.jfk02.atlas.cogentco.com []
14 97 ms 99 ms 100 ms te2-1.ccr02.dca01.atlas.cogentco.com []
15 238 ms 255 ms 275 ms te8-1.mpd01.dca01.atlas.cogentco.com []

*edit* now there's irony, I state it always happens and this is the first time it hasn't...

July 8th, 2008, 11:18
Woody did reboot the server yesterday afternoon, just in case it was something related to our rig.


July 8th, 2008, 14:10

Don't feel alone, I don't have any route to this DNS from home I have to visit this site thru a proxy, and I have a very large name ISP.


July 8th, 2008, 16:14
If anyone experiences any such problems again now after our recent reboot, please let us know ASAP, here in this thread.

July 8th, 2008, 18:58

This is an ISP issue for me, been that way since I switched from DSL to fiber.


July 9th, 2008, 09:40
Yeah, I meant the other ones. Thanks for the info anyway.

July 9th, 2008, 12:48
Cheers guys. All seems good now, probably just a coincidence and not the reboot but I'll post again if I can be sure it's a server rather than connection problem.