View Full Version : How to set a message breakpoint at a subcontrol in a ATL control?

June 30th, 2008, 22:16
There is a program whose GUI is a ATL dialog. Now, i wanna set a message breakpoint(WM_LBUTTONUP) on its subcontrol. But i can oly get the main dialog's ID using HwndSpy. So, i don't know how to set such a breakpoint. I use OllyDbg. Any idea?

July 2nd, 2008, 05:14
bp DestroyWindow

July 2nd, 2008, 20:45
[Originally Posted by forgot;75564]bp DestroyWindow

why? I only want to set a WM_LBUTTONDOWN message breakpoint in a subcontrol(button) in the main atl window.

July 3rd, 2008, 05:21
sorry i didn't read your thread carefully and i misunderstand that you need a 'message box breakpoint'

to set message breakpoint, press alt-v-w or view-window in menu, right click of your control, and select 'message breakpoint on classproc'