View Full Version : 32-bit window(Vista) problems with 4GB RAM

June 29th, 2008, 00:44
I have bought a notebook these days with a windows Vista 32-bit install and has 4GB of RAM.
But it is so foolish,you cannot use all 4GB RAM in 32-bit windows....
I read some articles about it, it says because of memory-mapped devices(like graphic card) you will lose a lot of your addressing space for RAM(in my case is 1GB).
I don't wana go to 64-bit OS(it solves problem).
In an OS like windows server 2003 that supports 128GB of RAM,something names "hot-add addressing" is used.
In addition,in some articles it says "enable PAE(physical address expansion)",but i enabled and nothing changed.
Anybody have had such a problem yet in here who has found a solution for it?


June 29th, 2008, 06:09
I have the same story here. Just for laffs I installed Vista x64, windows x 64, Linux X64, using partitions in an add-on second hard drive. None of them mapped the full 4 gbytes. The same OSs in My desktop seamlessly map 4 glgabytes or 8 gigs with no Problem.

Correction: Yesterday I installed vista SP1. (In my Vista 32 OS). NOW the system reports 4 gigs of RAM. (That it can use all of them, that is another story). http://support.microsoft.com/kb/946003/
Another problem I had to tackle before: How much memory does the BIOS report?
For a while and below my radar, the BIOS boot routine was reporting something like: 4 gigabytes installed, 3 gigabytes usable.
The solution was deep into the BIOS advanced CPU settings in an option saying "allow RAM mapping around memory hole".


June 29th, 2008, 09:21
hi naides
if you don't have SP1 of vista installed,you will not even see total installed memory as 4GB,but after you install SP1 this problems solves.
it mean that you only see 4GB,but total physical memory that you can use will be something between 3-3.5GB(depend on your hardware-3GB in my case).
As i told,because you lose addressing space due of memory-mapped devices(such as graphic cards), you lose your usable RAM due lack of address...
foolish problem,isn't it?normally everyone wana use up to 4GB RAM on a 32-bit system.
I donna if it is possible that I solve this problem or not....
I donna if it is possible to add "hot-add addressing" feature of Longhorn windows to a Vista one to solve this problem.
What do you think?Is it possible in theory?


June 29th, 2008, 10:35
hi naides
Look what a fantastic article I found!!!!!

But not brave enough to test it...
lets share works,I found article,you test it first....

I tried it out,i get licensing problems,donna if there is anyway to bypass it or not...