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The Archivist
November 17th, 2000, 23:19
now with:
complete archives
descriptions (coming slowly)
new categories
alternative platforms (linux, os/2, etc.)
and more

Stop by and let us know what you think

Bug reports, new version, old versions, suggestions, praises and criticisms welcome

November 19th, 2000, 06:55
Congratulations ! Great front page and good site organisation.
Just one thing, I didn't saw a *useful links* section. If you make one,
thanks to put a link back for this messageboard you already have a link pointing to your site below

November 19th, 2000, 15:48
My compliments.


The Archivist
November 19th, 2000, 20:10
if we put up a link page, I'll be sure to include this message board

the snake
November 20th, 2000, 11:54
Hi people,
Nice to see the new "drees" of the new site..
The pages load faster then in the old site, but i like them both

the snake

the snake
November 20th, 2000, 11:59
Sorry, 'dress', not 'drees'