View Full Version : daemon tools against safedisc on win2k

November 17th, 2000, 04:17
i tried them on win 2k against safedisc from birth of the fed and it didnt work, neither did unsafedisc or pedro.

any suggestions available.


November 18th, 2000, 00:29
a: learn to crack
b: learn to code & crack
c: play with your original cd
d: get a life and sell your pc (a life? i could live for 2 days with the cash from my pc
e: there is no 'e' (i took it! (yum yum))
f: download 100 cracks for botf from various sites and test them all on your pc. maybe u will get lucky..
g: get win9x for playing games, it isnt as fussy about badly cracked / unwrapped exe's ...

you want anymore suggestions, just ask, ok :d