View Full Version : How to know what a ASM instruction is in HEX

November 10th, 2000, 17:52
I know my english is poor

How to know what a assambler instruction is in hexadecimal?
If I want to know what INC EAX is in hexadecimal for instance. Whats the easiest way?

Where can I find a table with all instructions and what they are in hexadecimal?

Where can I find tutorials about programming directly i hexadecimal with a hexeditor? Like how you had new code to a program.

November 11th, 2000, 04:42
Try http://www.multimania.com/svtc/Progs/PentiumOpcode.exe


The Owl
November 11th, 2000, 07:06
damn, why do i need to fill in the message field? ;-)

November 16th, 2000, 16:40
Try this too:

String items are in Italian, but, anyway, it is not so hard to use, I guess.